One of the most important factors any industry's production is the concept of infrastructure. we believe in bringing out the best of product.

This is the reason why we create our own produce for our demands.

We have various sister concerns which are very well equipped to meet our demands.

CTP offset printings, Die cutting Golden emboss printing, uv machines,Lamination machine,Slitting machine and a Pre-press depending department are some of the eminent sister concerns which have contributed much for the overall development of our products.

Printing department also falls under this roof comprising of Banner and Flex printing that enriches the work of advertising in VADIVEL.

Tube Works is also one of the campuses that fits in the company that involves in the efficient manufacturing of the main ingredients like rocket top cap and tubes;Ground spinners bottom capand tubes; paper tubes for crackers, manufacturing of cones for flower pots,cardboard tubes for multi shots and sky shots.

For mastering the carton package production we have a 'Corrugation Box Manufacturing Unit' which has a combination of Corrugation machinery, Slating machinery, Slitting machinery, Package printing machinery, Single and Double Stitching machinery,Rotary machinery and Automated scoring machinery which are responsible for the genuineness of the final product.