"VADIVEL IS SYNONYMOUS WITH QUALITY" and we stand as a leader,in producing fireworks that appeal today's generation.We are known for providing an 'all-in-one' deal with our first class quality at very economic prices.

"BEST QUALITY AT NOMINAL PRICE" is a goal we are proud to have achieved.

Our Tantric Mantra being "QUALITY IS OUR MOTTO" ,achieving only the best has become a habit!

Our journey began with Our Founder Shri.S.Vadivel,who established VADIVEL FIREWORKS in 1945.

VADIVEL FIREWORKS withstood the economic struggles of india in the 1960s.Even before the period of Communication & Transport infrastructure, our Founder had efficient methods of Production and Marketing.

We were one of the various 'Indigenous Indian Pyro Technique' companies that ventured into the market during the British rule.

We at VADIVEL look at the Fireworks Industry in a totally different dimension and we compete in the market with advanced technologies. Machinery and Equipment have all been brought under one roof to maximize efficiency.